Community Chaplain Canada

Who We Are

Busy lifestyles and distance frequently mean visits from family members are few and far between, leaving these dear people feeling unwanted.  Often, even churches, being busy with programs to reach young people and families, neglect these precious men and women who have contributed greatly to making our world a better place.


About Us

Our History

David Kimball founded Community Chaplain Service in 1972 in Massachusetts, USA. He felt that the Christian church needed to reach out to the secular part of society – because the need was great and so little ministry was meeting that need.

Our Canadian organization was birthed in 1991 by Rev. Earl Hodgkins. We were incorporated the following year as a non profit charitable organization under the New Brunswick law.

About Us

Who We Serve

We provide professional chaplain service to nursing homes. Our interdenominational chaplains bring friendship and comfort to the nursing home residents, as well as a vital faith in God, and in Jesus Christ.

The people we help may be religious or may not have any religious beliefs. We visit all residents of nursing homes, regardless of affiliation. Our chaplains often become friends – someone who listens and cares. And to some residents, the chaplain can become almost like family.

When asked to visit a nursing home, we visit every available resident, working with the activity director or resource person. The director suggests those residents who might benefit from his/her visit, as well as informing the Chaplain as to changes, new residents, deaths, and helping the Chaplain in the visitation.